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Shenzhen Singheng Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is a set of LED display products R & D, production, marketing, engineering, installation as one of the high-tech enterprises, the enterprises in Shenzhen City Guangyao photoelectric Co., Ltd., located in the LED industry gathered in Shenzhen Baoan District Shiyan town. Over the years to focus in the field of LED display, products cover outdoor full color LED display, LED indoor full color display, LED single and double color display, such as a full range of LED display products. In recent years, product line extension to the vehicle display, traffic induction screen, queueing station screen and other professional applications, has achieved remarkable results. In the domestic has a number of branches, to provide customers with a variety of high quality and customized LED display products and services.

Singheng Optoelectronics business philosophy is: to customers as the center, to technology as the guide, take the quality as the foundation, to serve as the guide, to create value for customers, to the satisfaction of the customers, employees, suppliers, partners and social.

Currently has more than 2000 square meters of standard plant, a number of modern production lines, each product has been strictly detected and the aging of the foot, to ensure the quality of the product is stable and reliable.

Singheng Optoelectronics has a high-quality LED R & D elite team, trained to control a variety of professional skills of staff hundreds of people, through teamwork and professional technical equipment, greatly improve the LED technology and product quality. Over the years, Xing Heng Technology in the technology and the appearance of the product solves the problems, enhance the seismic resistance to impact and improve the speed of response, do more power and prolong the life.

Singheng Optoelectronics has a strong, skilled, stable installation of the construction team, the main engineer with 10 years of experience in engineering. Throughout the country have long-term construction human support.

Company is very focused on after-sales service, as the sale service for the two sales. Provide customers with technical support and solve the problem.. Throughout the country with immediate and special after-sales service network.

Company products through the international domestic CE, FCC, ROHS, CUL, CCC certification. In strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality system throughout the management, to reach the advanced level of international similar products.

In today's large number of manufacturers continue to flood the industry to participate in the vicious competition, the company always keep a clear mind, firm control of the quality of the red line. Learn manufacturing industry benchmark Foxconn's concept, put an end to all fancy, to do in the factory of pragmatism, procurement through the compression plant area, purchasing a large quantity, light the wrong season, automation, process optimization means drive down the cost of improve the yield rate, to make our products in the market with strong cost and performance advantages, to provide customers with cost-effective products, always remain invincible in the fierce competition.

Today, Singheng Optoelectronics relying on the parent company powerful Guangyao photoelectric technology, resources and network support, leading product LED display series has been widely used in Commercial Plaza, government agencies, stadiums, transport facilities, financial institutions, schools, hospitals, the monitoring center, and advertising the entertainment industry and other projects throughout the domestic medium and small cities. And exported to North America, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other overseas markets.

Singheng Optoelectronics with strong strength, professional technology, reliable quality, first-class services to provide users with first-class pro  ducts.

Create value for customers, we always persist firmly in the concept of!

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