LED screen after the black screen, how quickly restore normal?

LED display black screen is actually the best in all fault investigation and solve the problem of star Heng technology small and the solution of these problems were summarized, in the face of the LED display screen, never helplessly!

The whole screen black screen of the fault 1:LED display screen
Check mode: first test whether power supply power is electrified. Check whether the control host is open, whether the communication line is inserted, whether the sending card is inserted, whether the data line between the multimedia card and the acquisition card and the sending card is connected well, and whether the switch position of the receiving card is correct. The way of processing is: after determining the power supply, the host is opened, the communication line is inserted, the sending card is reinserted, and the data line between the media card and the acquisition and sending card is reconnected. Adjust the switch position. Remarks: when we start LED, we can't find the signal between the COM port and the data sending card, indicating that there is no connection between the acquisition line or the COM port of the computer itself. It is necessary to connect the data line or even replace the computer.

Fault 2: block board black screen
1, check the signal line is normal, check the upper and lower module is connected to the connecting foot.
3, check the signal line to output the foot to the module foot whether there is a pass.
4, a few continuous plates cross the black screen, check whether the line connection between the normal unit plate and the abnormal unit board is connected, or whether the chip 245 is normal,
5, the longitudinal direction of several continuous plates is not bright, check whether the power supply of this column is normal.
The way of processing is: if the signal line is normal, then connect the upper and lower modules, then connect the signal and line output pins to the module feet, and re insert the lines between the normal unit boards and the abnormal unit boards, so as to ensure the normal power supply.

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