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  • LED display scheme for media advertising
LED display scheme for media advertising

LED display scheme for media advertising

  • Product description: LED display scheme for media advertising

One, star Heng media advertising LED display description
Now, we walk on the streets of the city, and we can see video content such as the LED display screen and the media advertising news on the LED subtitle machine. As a new media publicity technique, the advertising LED display has become a new force in the advertising media industry. The media advertising business also gradually understanding and recognition of the LED display the new advertising practices, it can complete the product of cross media, news and information bureau to convey Doug, digital readers in more diverse information experience. In the case of the coexistence of the advertising media merchants and the advantages of the LED display, the media advertising of the LED display is becoming more and more important in the advertising media industry. The advertising LED display is characterized by high definition, high brightness, bright coloring, distinctive main body, novel design, vivid and vivid, simple and clear, and can finish graphic, text, audio and video synchronization. The image of the advertisement is prominent and easy to attract the attention of the pedestrians, and easy to remember. In addition, LED display ads often inadvertently give audiences visual stimulation, and LED display ads are generally issued for a longer period of time, resulting in the cumulative effect of impression on regional performance. The image of the national image of China, which is 60 seconds earlier, is displayed in the times square of New York, which has attracted the attention of many media and achieved great publicity effect.
Two, star Heng media advertising LED display screen function advantage
1, build outdoor outdoor full color LED display in single or multiple commercial centers and large flow area, and form outdoor large screen network covering the whole city or even the whole country.
2, large screen, strong visual impact, the surface ultra clear, great shock force. A powerful advertising charm! It is beneficial to the molding and dissemination of brand image. Many LED displays are local landmarks, and they are a good advertisement for themselves.
3, busy streets, communities, etc., to build high-definition, small and medium-sized LED full color display screen or information screen, forming a media release network, and its communication effect is more shocking and more mandatory.
4, small screen, strong communication penetration, wide coverage of network, direct to consumer terminal, low investment efficiency, good publicity effect.
5, homemade programs, instant play, rich content; not only advertising, but also programs, including special topics, columns, variety shows, animations, radio dramas, TV shows, interstitial broadcast advertisements.
Three. Characteristics of the LED display screen of the star Heng media advertisement
* star Heng commercial LED advertising screen with a photosensitive control system, automatically adjust the brightness of the display, according to the change of outdoor environment brightness, energy saving and environmental protection, greatly reducing the operation cost of you; and make it easier for the audience to accept;
I have a set of product launch star hang low power solution, can display the runtime than the original 1/3 energy saving, further greatly reduces the cost of your operation;
It has high refresh rate and high intensity, the LED display screen is more realistic, with high visual quality to meet business requirements;
It has the brightness, color correction function, the LED display screen is more abundant, meet the business with high visual quality requirements;
The contents of advertisements. Advertisements on the LED display screen can be replaced at any time, all-weather for different customers to show different advertising;
It has dual line backup function, control a two computer screen at the same time, when a computer problem, another computer automatic replacement, to ensure the normal work of the display;
Using optical fiber transmission system with high efficiency, and effectively reduce the transmission distance caused by signal delay phenomenon, to ensure the consistency of the screen play;
It all can be used to display information and remote network control, just a mouse click operation can easily replace the picture information, so as to realize the city and area of display advertising network cluster;
It supports the network control function, so that you can control several city in a local display, change at any time you want to play the content;
* we equipped with multi-function card, can be realized with the software timing or manual switch at any time, to achieve unattended function.
This screen is equipped with environmental monitoring system, let you know the operation screen whenever and wherever possible.
* star Henry ( not only provide installation support, also provides a full set of LED display system, which comprises a control system, power supply (socket), software, accessories, installation drawings and other services.
This box design standard, the same box size can be applied to different pixel display requirements, LED advertising screen is more convenient for installation.
LED box thinner and lighter, saves the transportation cost.
It has good waterproof effect, protection grade IP65, suitable for outdoor environment.
LED display has a built-in lightning protection device, prevent the screen from being struck by lightning and burning.
LED video control system with double backup system, once the fault happened, customers can immediately switch to the standby system.
This company also provide spare parts related to the customer, all the spare parts are modular design, easy maintenance and customer service.
Can according to customer requirements and the field environment, tailored to the most appropriate LED display solutions;
Four, star Heng media advertising LED display solution

Five, star Heng media advertising LED display application site
They are widely used in shopping malls, shopping centers, square parks, building buildings, landmark buildings, stations, wharfs, airports, subways, business areas, financial places, securities markets and other public places.
Six, star Heng media advertising LED display case
1, building LED advertising display: the perfect combination with the building itself, to the original design to the icing on the cake; a broader perspective, the wider range of communication, more audience;
2, vehicle LED advertising display: advertising communication is not limited by location, mobile communication, wider audience, advertising to the designated place, new way of communication, and good image of communication subjects.
3, light box LED advertising display: dynamic advertising, good visual impact, far sightedness, content wide
4, column LED advertising display screen: landmark building, scientific and technological elements are obvious, modern atmosphere is full, the perspective is wide, the effect of communication is good

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