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  • Outdoor HD LED lamp screen
Outdoor HD LED lamp screen

Outdoor HD LED lamp screen

  • Product description: Outdoor HD LED lamp screen

[star Heng science and technology LED lampscreen four major uses]
1, China Unicom and municipal management, broadcast advertisement, spiritual civilization construction, city culture guide etc.;
2. It can connect with the traffic management, display the urban traffic information in real time, and realize the traffic guidance function.
3, it can connect with the surrounding commercial complex, residential district, parking lot, public building and so on, showing the information of urban public guidance.
4, can be operated by the advertising media, play video, text and other commercial advertising, installation, maintenance simple, can focus on advertising content.
[star Heng Technology LED lamp screen six features]
1, intelligence: the screen is equipped with photosensitive control system. It can automatically adjust the brightness of the display according to the outdoor environment, avoid the high brightness of the screen, and affect the safety of driving and pedestrians. The power of the system is controlled by software, and it can play the display time freely according to the demand.
2, diversification: synchronous control, asynchronous control, 3G/4G wireless transmission three modes of display can be selected, large-scale broadcast without cable optical fiber erection, set WIFI mode to connect box display control, save advertising operation cost. At the same time, it can display the motion picture, short video and so on, and can transmit the effective information to the maximum extent.
3, strong visual effects: high brightness, wide viewing angle, clear display; colorful screen even in bright light, sunlight, rain and other harsh environment, excellent display is still clear.
4, large space and fast update: electric power is used all the time, and the system has large storage space. Online and offline mode can ensure the timeliness of screen information update.
5, high protection and long life: the screen protection level is IP65, which reduces the damage of weather factors to the screen, and is suitable for outdoor all-weather use. The life of LED lamp is as high as 100000 hours, which is much better than other traditional lamp advertising media.
6, customization: the screen size, pixel spacing can be freely selected according to the user's display requirements, showing a variety of display effects.

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