Indoor full color LED display

  • P5 indoor full color display screen
P5 indoor full color display screen

P5 indoor full color display screen

  • Product description: P5 indoor full color display screen

LED lamp




Pixel composition


Resolving power

64x32 (W x H)

Point spacing


Scanning mode


Module Size

320x 160 mm



Iron box or die-casting aluminum box

Resolving power

128 x 128(W x H)


640x640 x 66mm


4.6kg (cold rolled plate)

Power supply voltage

AC 220/110 + 10%, 47~63Hz

Maintenance mode

Rear maintenance


Horizontal angle of view


Vertical angle of view




Pixel density






working temperature

-20º C to + 60º C

Working humidity

20% to 90%

Life (50% brightness)

100000 hours

Color processing ability

16.7 bit


281 trillion

refresh frequency


Maximum power consumption


Average power consumption


Frame rate

60 FPS

Luminance grade

Manual 100 level, automatic 16

Protection technology

Moistureproof, dustproof, anticorrosion, anti static and lightning protection, and has the function of overflow, short circuit, overvoltage and undervoltage protection.

Assembly structure

The unit module is designed. The panel is assembled with module + display box + display panel, and it is easy to assemble.

[application range]

Indoor full color LED display is mainly used in shopping centers, hospitals, banks, enterprises and institutions, exhibition hall, gymnasium, ticketing hall, hotels, shopping malls, securities companies, enterprises, schools, banks, securities, stage, public security, transportation, electricity, industry and commerce, customs, hospitals, parks, airports, railway stations, security, television and other fields.

[product characteristics]

Very high resolution: to perfect the performance of high-definition picture quality and exquisite color, to a certain extent and LCD can be comparable to.

* long life: the company selected high-quality light-emitting devices as the core material and the display circuit board design their own patent, fundamentally guarantee the service life of the product.

This broad perspective: a wide viewing angle with each 160 degrees led a high degree of consistency, in the horizontal and vertical viewing angle were larger, the level of distribution and environment are suitable for large drop height.

Stable performance: * star hang on the display screen of anti electromagnetic unique processing, an important technology which is the star Heng LED display screen has been stable in the other. Using distributed scanning technology and modular design technology, the reliability and stability are higher.

B: fine quality nonlinear correction technology, the image effect is exquisite and clear; animation vivid, smooth, vivid and diverse; video effects.

B: seamless suite design patent to hang star stitching error between the control module within plus or minus 0.1mm, easy to install, can be made into any shape according to the needs of users.

Very good flatness: using our patented mask color consistent, which makes the whole display high contrast; good flatness, soft fingers across without prominent.

This high-quality material: the special chip high quality LED display design, has the characteristics of small package, high brightness, wide angle, anti-static etc..

I live broadcasting: support for DVI, HDMI, 3G/HD/SD three speed SDI HD display mode, suitable for TV video programs, VCD or DVD and live and other indoor places.

Convenient maintenance: * our modular design makes installation and maintenance more convenient maintenance, can be charged;

* material: imported high quality luminescent materials, high-quality IC chip, no noise of power supply; the whole screen no fan design, no noise, low power consumption, can be used in the temperature range of 0 DEG ~55 deg.

* no limit: format for the format, any arrangement by the user display mode; can display text, graphics, images, animation, video information; and display the amount of information is not restricted;

You can also support compatible with the asynchronous synchronous control and asynchronous control; computer control even in case of failure, can still be normal display.

This circuit board stability: wave soldering process using circuit board, with the green oxygen insulation layer, prevent the line, wet oxidation, improving the service life;

I have three paint: erosion protection of circuit board and related equipment from bad environment; it has good high and low temperature performance; a layer of transparent protective film after curing, excellent insulation, moisture-proof, anti leakage, shockproof, dustproof, anti corrosion, anti aging, corona resistant performance.

* shock test: before shipment in the form of shock test box, remove screw wire connection problems; in order to ensure the display after a long-distance transportation, no bad contact, suitable for long distance transportation.

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