• P6 outdoor full color
P6 outdoor full color

P6 outdoor full color

  • Product description: P6 outdoor full color

LED lamp




Pixel composition


Resolving power

32x 32 (W x H)

Point spacing

6 mm

Scanning mode


Module Size

192 x192 mm



Simple box or standard box

Resolving power

160x160 (W x H)


960 x 960 x 100 mm


20kg (cold rolled plate)

Power supply voltage

AC 220/110 + 10%, 47~63Hz

Waterproof grade

Front IP65

Maintenance mode

Post maintenance


Horizontal angle of view


Vertical angle of view




Pixel density






working temperature

-20º C to + 60º C

Working humidity

20% to 90%

Life (50% brightness)

100000 hours

Color processing ability

16.7 bit


281 trillion

refresh frequency


Maximum power consumption


Average power consumption


Frame rate

60 FPS

Luminance grade

Manual 100 level, automatic 16

Protection technology

Moistureproof, dustproof, anticorrosion, anti static and lightning protection, and has the function of overflow, short circuit, overvoltage and undervoltage protection.

Assembly structure

The unit module is designed. The panel is assembled with module + display box + display panel, and it is easy to assemble.

[application range]

P6 outdoor full color is mainly used for small and medium-sized outdoor display less than 40 square feet. It is suitable for 6 meters away. It's watch three to one LED package. It has fine view, large viewing angle and good consistency.

Applied to the government square, leisure square, cultural square, large entertainment plaza, bustling commercial center, advertising signs, commercial street, train station, airport, bus station, bus station, subway, shopping malls, supermarkets, hospitals, hotels, education system, bank, securities market, auction houses, shopping center, media center other places.

[star Heng outdoor LED display features]

* high brightness: high brightness LED, the sun light is still visible under long distance

Very high uniformity: display color uniformity high, the display is more delicate.

Very good flatness: the module mounting surface flatness control in the positive and negative 0.1mm.

Very good effect: the nonlinear correction technology, image clearer and stronger sense of hierarchy;

This patent mask: unique angle design, reduce waste, improve the effective viewing angle.

B: the reliability design technology of various scanning technology and module, higher reliability and stability;

It is easy to operate: universal video player software, which makes the system easy to operate; with asynchronous compatible, even failure of computer control, it can work normally.

* content diversity: display variety (text, graphics, 3D, 2D animation, television screen), and support a variety of formats, support more than 9 kinds of foreign signal access, can realize live.

It is composed of three primary colors: colors (red, green and blue) display unit body, red, green and blue 4096 gray level form 6.8 * 1010 colors, the electronic screen display of rich color, high saturation, high resolution, high frequency dynamic image display;

* power failure: the use of less efficiency of outdoor LED display screen star hang switching power supply is improved greatly, reduce the power failure rate;

B: high-temperature spraying cabinet design module adopts high-temperature spraying technology, greatly improve the antirust function;

I walk the line is simple: cancel the air head line, using the fishbone bus line, greatly reduces the problem of bad contact;

This circuit board stability: wave soldering process using circuit board, with the green oxygen insulation layer, prevent the line, wet oxidation, improving the service life;

I have three paint: erosion protection of circuit board and related equipment from bad environment; it has good high and low temperature performance; a layer of transparent protective film after curing, excellent insulation, moisture-proof, anti leakage, shockproof, dustproof, anti corrosion, anti aging, corona resistant performance.

* waterproof test: carry out the water treatment box, waterproof test situation can cope with outdoor all-weather environment; the normal operation of the high water level.

* shock test: before shipment in the form of shock test box, remove screw wire connection problems; in order to ensure the display after a long-distance transportation, no bad contact, suitable for long distance transportation.

[star Heng outdoor LED display media advantage]

1, the area is large, the color is bright, the main body is bright, the design is novel, the image is vivid, simple and quick and so on. The image of the advertisement is prominent and easy to attract the attention of the pedestrians, and easy to remember. In addition, outdoor advertisements often inadvertently give audiences visual stimulation. They are not obsessive-compulsive, information is easy to be recognized and accepted, and outdoor advertisements are generally issued for a long time, which results in the cumulative effect of impression on regional performance.

2, it has the characteristics of liquidity, compulsion, pertinence and actual effect.

3, the advantage of the program. Homemade programs, instant play, rich content; not only advertising, but also programs, including topics, columns, variety shows, animations, radio dramas, TV shows, interstitial broadcast advertisements.

4. The advantage of the lot. It is mainly installed in areas where traffic concentration is concentrated in shopping malls and so on. The LED full-color large screen is installed in the landmark area, and its communication effect is more shocking and more mandatory. Edit the advantages and disadvantages of the outdoor media in this section.

5, outdoor full color LED display media is widely used in public places, advertising and publicity, urban road networks, urban parking lots, railways, subway and other traffic guidance systems, highways and so on.

6, using VGA synchronization technology, big screen content and CRT synchronization, the replacement of advertising content is simple and convenient; super large picture, super vision, high brightness, long life.

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